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Engineering in light. Entrepreneurship in optics.

Optics, Manufacturing, Management

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Optics, light and energy innovations, including 3D optical design, and solar concentration

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Managing start-ups, tenaciously, entrepreneurial, and with the right network. Worldwide!

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Materials, processes and automation, focusing on embossing and casting

Reference Projects

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Glass Optics

Design and manufacturing of moulded glass lightguide, approx. 60 x 60 x 40 mm³

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Academic Achievements

R Leutz and A Suzuki: Nonimaging Fresnel Lenses, Springer 2001

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Business Models and Management

Introducing Open Innovation into a business model for optical manufacturing

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Precision Optics Manufacturing

Manufacturing through the value chain. Surfaces Ra in nm, geometrical tolerances in µm, monolithic element size in m²


16. Dezember 2017 1 comments

Open Innovation – Individual Light

Open? Innovation? We deleoped a business model to bring optical manufacturing into the modern age. What if customers would be allowed to do their own optical design, saving their models for others to see, and thus reduce the complexity of projects in illumination and lighting? The business model allows the manufacturing base to sign up […]

23. November 2017 1 comments

Malaria Microscope

Malaria is the most deadly of all diseases. CytoScience, ffOptik and leopil are developing an automated, sturdy, and cost-effective microscope that can reliably detect Malaria and other parasites. We are looking for ways to bring to success this technology. Are you a philanthropist willing to donate 20,000 units? It is an investment. Please contact me […]