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Malaria Microscope

Malaria Microscope

Malaria is the most deadly of all diseases. CytoScience, ffOptik and leopil are developing an automated, sturdy, and cost-effective microscope that can reliably detect Malaria and other parasites.

We are looking for ways to bring to success this technology. Are you a philanthropist willing to donate 20,000 units? It is an investment. Please contact me at ralf.leutz@leopil.com, or +, for more information.


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Instafollowfast.comGeschrieben am  9:14 pm - Sep 12, 2019

species schizonts (meronts) are used as antigen. The patient s serum is exposed to the organisms; homologous antibody, if present, attaches to the antigen, forming an antigen-antibody (Ag-Ab) complex. Fluorescein-labeled anti-human antibody is then added, which attaches to the patient s malaria-specific antibodies. When the slide is examined with a fluorescence microscope, if parasites fluoresce an apple green color, a positive reaction has occurred.

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